May 2017 Chapter Meeting

ASSE Meeting Minutes
May 15, 2017
DPR Construction North Mopac

11:45 AM

Meeting Introduction: Steven Jablon

Chapter introductions and meeting outlined delivered by Steven JablonMember and guest introduction commenced after meeting synopsis was delivered.

Meeting Introduction

11:50 PM – Steven Jablon

Initial Chapter Updates & Action Items:

  • SAFETY 2017 reminder was discussed
  • 9/11-13 – ASSE Region III PDC in Hurst, TX remindero Sean Galloway as main speakero – for more information
  • Region III has 15 chapters throughout the region
  • We would like a strong representation of the CTC at this PDC
  • Regional VP – Steven Gray was reelected.

Meeting Presentation – Plan ‘B’ for Leaders

11:15 PM – Pat Walsh, CSP

Pat discussed what got him interested in ASSE and who his mentors were. The topic today will cover communications breakdowns and interpersonal communication is very important.

Plan B for Leaders:

Strong emotional feelings can produce judgments against opposing person.

Humans are hardwired as animals. Understanding this gives better coping mechanisms to deal with difficulty in conflicts.

People tend to swing between two extremes of silence v. violence. Crucial conversations between claiming the ‘victim’ vs. the ‘villain’ vs. ‘helpless’ this can lead to false story telling. Creating safety for people to share.

S.T.A.T.E your path:

  • Share your facts• Tell your story
  • Ask for their story
  • Talk Tentatively
  • Encourage Engagement

Crucial accountability situations – handling poorly or avoidance of confrontation vs. handling well. Individual interpretations can cause further problems. Problems tend to come in bundles that should be handled upfront. We can intellectually suppress our feelings. Whether matters are trivial or not can direct how to respond to a situation.

Navigating crucial accountability with correct intellectual techniques will allow a more open, flexible communication.

Failure to Communicate:

Toxic conversations can be dealt with self-respect, respect for our counterpart and respect for the problem. Different backgrounds and experiences can make it difficult to communicate especially across generations. Acting unilaterally will allow you to discover our own habitual emotional responses. Emotional patterns can be taken advantage of by counterparts aiming to incite an emotional response. Your reputation and the group’s reputation are more important than winning the argument.

*References: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Failure to Communicate

Chapter Updates & Action Items:

12:30 PM – Steven Jablon

Construction Safety Practice Specialty – Sponsored a Train the Trainer for Fall Protection

  • 125 people attended the ½ day conference. OSHA was very involved in the event and gave certifications out to participants who registered online.
  • October 5th: 1-day PDC planned
  • Would like to put more effort into recruiting ASSE members

Society Proposals and Voting: David Tally

Voting announcement will be presented at the June Meeting

  • Dues increase: $10/year for next 3 years: $10 – year 1, $20 – year 2, $30 – year 3 and each year thereafter.

23 votes for

  • Brand Change: ASSE to ASSP

Not everyone is an engineer and ‘Professionals’ is more encompassing

Chapter Elections:

Unanimous vote was recorded at the meeting.

  • President – David Bollinger
  • President-Elect – Jacob Zollinger
  • Secretary – Charlotte Kener• Treasurer – Mike Bewley
  • Delegate – David Tally
  • Delegate – Steven Jablon

Upcoming Dates:

  • June 12th

Monthly Chapter meeting change – Date moved due to SAFETY 2017 dates.

  • June 18-23rd, 2017

Safety 2017 in Denver, Co. – Registration is now open

  • September 11-13, 2017

Region III PDC will be in Hurst, TX @ Hurst Conference Center – $499

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm