Dr. Adam Pickens

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Dr. Adam Pickens, PhD, MPH is an Instructional Associate Professor in the Environmental and Occupational Health Department of the Texas A&M School of Public Health.  He is a joint-appointed faculty member in the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department with the Texas A&M Dwight Look College of Engineering.  Dr. Pickens serves as Managing Director of the Texas A&M System Ergonomics Center and is an ergonomics and occupational safety researcher with foci in industrial and office ergonomics, occupational hearing loss, and alternative work location safety.  He has worked in a wide variety of industries outside of academia.  Dr. Pickens serves as a mentor and Co-Investigator for the NIOSH-Funded Texas A&M Training Grant.  Dr. Pickens has served as faculty advisor for the local Texas A&M ASSP student chapter for 9 years and has helped expand the reach outside of Public Health and Engineering to many disciplines across campus.