Mike Bewley

Mike Bewley retired from the Austin Fire Department as a Captain with 23 years of service. While in the Austin Fire Department, Mike focused on developing programs in Firefighter safe-ty and training dealing with Low Occurrence/High Risk situations. After retiring from the Fire service, Mike was served in the Texas Division of Emergency Management as the Plans Unit Supervisor, responsible for all the emergency plans for the State of Texas, the Critical Infra-structure/Key Resources program and the Hurricane Officer program. Mike Bewley currently serves as the Safety Manger for the City of Austin Public Works Department. In his current position Mike developed the construction safety program for the City of Austin covering $1.5 billion worth of projects per year. Mike also oversees safety for the Street and Bridge division responsible for all right of way maintenance in the City of Austin. Mike initiated the Heavy Equipment Training pro-gram and is responsible for the Emergency Management functions in the Public Works department. Prior to his current assignment, Mike was Safety Manger for Journeyman Construction and Safety Coordinator the Austin Public Health department where he was part of the team responding to the Ebola outbreak. Mike has an M.B.A. from Colorado State University, and M.A. in Disaster and Emergency Management from American Public University system and holds certifications as an EMT and CSP.