March 2017 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Mar 27, 2017

ASSE Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2017
DPR Construction, North Mopac


Speakers: Students from the two Student Sections

Both Student Sections showed up with their faculty advisers, and they each did a good job representing their schools.

Here’s my recap of the chapter business we covered in the meeting today:

  1. Re-branding of ASSE to ASSP.  Del and David Tally were there to add their perspective.  The Society is proposing the re-branding to better align with the increasing member base who aren’t engineers.  ACTION The chapter should discuss this and vote on it in May with chapter officers.  The delegates will then take our chapter’s results with them to the PDC in Denver.  Charlotte will post a link to an upcoming webinar and send it our to the chapter members.
  2. Dues increase.  Charlotte will post a link to 2 upcoming webinar dates (same presentation) on this topic, ACTION:  the chapter will vote on it in May.
  3. Membership.  CTC lost members when they moved away.  We picked up several new members at the Construction Practice Specialty meetings.  We will revitalize the previous “Member get a member” promotion that we had a few years ago. ACTION: Mike Donohue to dig out his files and get it to Charlotte for the newsletter.
  4. The Region 3 Student Leadership Conference is next month.  Steve Gray is asking each chapter to contribute money to the conference chair to help keep costs down for the students.  We discussed it and agreed that $500 was an appropriate amount to contribute.  ACTION: Steve, can you find out who is the right person and get the info to Mike so he can write the check?
  5. Dave Stoddard brought up the Safety Summit put on by the Texas Department of Insurance.  ACTION: Charlotte will post a link to the registration site:
  6. Dave Bollinger was there and we had a discussion about the chapter leadership.  He agreed to the ideas you and I discussed on Sunday, and asked to have a lunch meeting with you, myself and Jacob Zollinger to discuss our current framework, and to understand the chapter reports (they are all different now).  He’s retired, so our work schedules should dictate the meeting.  I’m not available from Mar 28 thru Apr 9 (cruise vacation).  We should get it done before the Apr 17 meeting.
  7. I paid for Subway trays and HEB drinks with my credit card.  The total came to $230.00.  If you can find a way to pay me back, OK.  If not, we’ll let it ride.

Good meeting.  Joe Garza showed up.  DPR is still being generous with their training room for the time being.

We might want to revise our chapter By-Laws to allow for multiple terms in chapter leadership roles.  What we are doing isn’t wrong, but we might want to take a look at our internal rules.

February 20117 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Feb 28, 2017

ASSE Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2017
Applied Materials Technical Tour

11:45 AM

Meeting Introduction: Jason Allgood

  • Review of Applied Materials Emergency Information
  • Chapter Introductions & Chapter Business – Steven Jablon
  • Region IIIPDC
  • Society’s PDC in Denver
  • Chapter Volunteering Information
  • Membership Drive
  • ASSE is changing its name – ASSP American Society of Safety Professionals

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January 2017 Chapter Meeting

Posted: Jan 17, 2017

ASSE Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2017
DPR Construction, North Mopac

11:45 AM
Meeting Introduction: Steven Jablon
Chapter Introductions
Speaker Introduction: Pat Walsh

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