The purpose of ASSP Central Texas Chapter Student Section Scholarship is to provide educational aid to students who are enrolled in an institution of higher education and are seeking degrees targeted towards a career in occupational safety, health and/or a related specialty field (i.e. industrial hygiene, ergonomics, etc.).

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must be:

  • Students members of ASSP
  • Enrolled in a qualifying academic program at one of the Central Texas Chapter sponsored schools
  • Must have completed at least one term of study
  • Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents

Selection Criteria

Candidates must have:

  1. A demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in the field of occupational safety, health and/or closely related field.
  2. Active participation in an ASSP student section or volunteerism with the Central Texas professional chapter.

Deadline for Submitting Applications

The application period is open from April 5 through April 26, 2024.

Disbursement of Funds

The award recipient(s) will be contacted by May 10, 2024. Award recipients will have 14 days to respond to the notice. Once contact is made, the funds will be disbursed directly to the recipient or to the educational institution in a method to be determined by the Chapter Treasurer.

Notice: Publication of the Scholarship Award

Upon confirming the award with the award recipient(s), the Central Texas Chapter will publish a small article in the ASSP Central Texas Chapter newsletter, on the Central Texas Chapter website, and on the Central Texas Chapter LinkedIn social media account. Copies of the article will also be sent to the school program’s Faculty Advisor.

Notice: Presentation to the ASSP Central Texas Chapter

Award recipient(s) will also be requested to do a presentation on their student experience with the ASSP Student Section and their academic/research work to the Central Texas Chapter at a mutually available meeting date. The meeting may be virtual or in-person, depending on the preference and availability of the award recipient(s).

Please complete the student scholarship application below by the application deadline. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

    Your Name

    Your E-mail Address

    Your Phone Number

    Student Membership ASSP Number

    Name of University or College

    Current Year


    Year & Term - Anticipated Completion of Degree

    Name of Faculty Advisor

    E-mail Address of Faculty Advisor

    Upload your student narrative by responding to two of the three questions. Feel free to include as much information/detail as needed to respond. At the top of the document, please include your name, email, and school so we can identify and match your entry to your resume and bio.

    • Why are you seeking a degree in occupational safety & health, or a closely related field?

    • Provide a brief description of your current safety-related activities and how they relate to your career goals/objectives (i.e., work experience, school activities, volunteer positions, etc.)

    • Describe why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship (i.e., career goals, financial need, what makes you stand out as an applicant, etc.)

    Upload Your Resume

    Resume should include your name and email address. Please do not include your phone number or mailing address. Include any degrees, certificates, educational institutions coursework, job or volunteer experience(s) you believe would be relevant to helping you find an internship or job after graduation.

    Upload Your Bio

    Please write 4-6 sentences to briefly describe who you are, your current status (i.e. student enrolled in (school, anticipated graduation year), some of your interests, where you're from, etc. For some examples, visit